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Feb 19, 2022
To resurrect a dead horse, there is an option in options.cfg to increase the game UI, which increases ALL the game UI elements, so it's very useful for 4K.


The problem still remains that the natural font size for the Inventory items, is just stupid tiny, you can increase GUI to 200%, if you want, and then maybe be able to read the names and quantities of the items in the inventory, but it's way too much even for 4K, as far as the UI elements are concerned. I for one, am looking for a font package that ONLY adjusts the font size of the inventory items. Everything else is well scaling with UI adjustment in the file. Even though this is an old thread, hoping for some guidance. EQSanctum doesn't seem to have completed his font tools on his website, or I am totally ignorant in navigating and finding what I need, as I try to adopt it for SWG:Legends.

Update: This MOD works great, even on SWG:L, I put it into UI folder and my inventory item names are perfect now. I used 18. Thanks a bunch!
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