Loading two or more models


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Aug 30, 2010
So you want to load 2 or more models for whatever reason.
You might be using punchout effect to hide a part of a model and to merge it with another.

To do this what you need to edit is the .sat file.

The .sat loads .lmg which then loads the models, by editing the sat we can make it load multiple .lmgs

What you do is basicly in the sat under MSGN
You have your first appearance then a NULL (Hex: 00)
add in the next appearance file and add a Null to the end of that line.

add as many new file paths as you want (Keep count)
If you try load the game it will crash, to stop it crashing you need to edit the 003INFO Section.

First Byte this specifies how many appearances are loaded, the rest I'm unsure however they do not have much of an affect it seems.

If you are trying to load 2 appearances change the first byte in 003INFO from 01 to 02

If your loading 10 then its 0A.

If your unsure what your number is in hex, open windows calculator and change it to Scientific (XP) or Programmers (win7/vista) input your number in decimal and then click hex to see its hex value.