Looking for Beginner Help (how to customize)


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Feb 10, 2014
Hello all, Tivo here.. I'm very new to the emulator community (just joined the SWGEmu site around New Years) but heres a little bit about me and where I stand:

- I love Star Wars (don't we all?)
- my pride and joy is the Creature Handler profession
- I'm not exactly a computer genius, but if I want something bad enough I'll learn it
- My goal is to figure out and understand how it would be possible to play with customized creature information, to test out my changes, and ultimately share my changes with fellow creature handlers (creature difficulty level, tamable %, resist %, spawn rate, etc)
- Some things I would customize would be creature rarity, stats, and difficulty level (nothing extravagant).
- I'm trying to find out what it would take to be able to play with such customized creature information (would I need a private server, or would I be able to play by myself while I test it out? what program/tools would I use to edit the creature info data?)

If it comes down to theres no way around this other than using a private server, I guess what I'd like to know next is.. how does someone start something like that? Whats needed, is there an estimated cost.... or is there a guide out there that explains all of this? (I tried googling it and I didn't really find anything pertaining to my situation) Do you need a team or if someone knows what they want to do, can they do it by themselves (such as my idea)?

If you have any suggestions or ideas of who I should contact/ask, I'd really appreciate it. I very much would enjoy making this happen for not only myself, but the entire CH community. I know how much everyone loved their SWG pets... I think it could be a great success, and even bring more people into the community.

- Tivo


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Feb 13, 2012
Hi and welcome:)

All that you have listed above would have to be done on a private server/personal development environment. Cost for the setup for that would be zero if you have a 64-bit windows machine. There is a guide for how to set one up here.


Just download the image, install and start coding.

There are guides and info on the Emu forums and on these forums on how to play with/edit/learn the code. You don't need to be a programming genius to learn how the code works and fits together but it will take a little time to understand what you can and cant do. With access to the serverside code the possibilities are almost endless as to what you can add or change once you learn what goes where.

Best bet is to start on the Emu development forums and ask qustions then go from there.

Also, join the IRC channels both here and at SWGEmu, Here's a little quiet and on the Emu site the official line is if it is not part of the 14.1 patch then they wont talk about it, but there are many folks that will so be patient.

Feel free to PM me if you need help (I'm Lasko on the Emu forum too).