[Mod]Request for /waypoint enhancement.


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Oct 17, 2017
Hi, I am looking for a mod to improve waypoints as they were working after CU or NGE, I don't remember.

To add a new waypoint to your datapad:
  • to create a waypoint use the command /waypoint or /way for short, or for people in an even bigger hurry, the new command /wp
  • for creation of a waypoint at your current location (on a planet or in space) don't add X, Z, Y parameters to the command
  • for creation of a waypoint at a different location, add X and Y parameters (and Z is required if in space, but may be used on planets to show elevation) to the command: /wp X Y or for space /wp X Z Y where X, Z and Y are your planetary or space coordinates. Note the order : X Z Y -- X is the east/west axis, and will be negative if it is west of the centre line of the map; Y is the north/south axis, and will be negative is south of the centre line of the map; Z is the elevation above or below sea-level and will be negative if it is below sea-level, particularly in buildings with underground facilities, or in subterranean caves/lairs.
  • Do NOT put commas between the X, Y and/or Z coordinates, just a space. e.g. /wp -2222 3424
  • for creation of a waypoint with custom color add the COLOR parameter to the command: /wp  'COLOR' where allowed colors can be WHITE, PURPLE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE and BLUE (default waypoint color), and because they overlooked it, do not use the non-existent "RED" as that will fail.
  • for creation of a waypoint on a different planet, planetary zone or space system, add the PLANET parameter to the command: /wp 'PLANET'. Valid PLANET parameters are following:
* tatooine         ->     Tatooine
* naboo            ->     Naboo
* corellia         ->     Corellia
* rori             ->     Rori
* talus            ->     Talus
* yavin4           ->     Yavin IV
* endor            ->     Endor
* lok              ->     Lok
* dantooine        ->     Dantooine
* dathomir         ->     Dathomir
* kachirho         ->     Kashyyyk (Kachirho)
* etyyy            ->     Kashyyyk (Etyyy, the Hunting Grounds)
* khowir           ->     Kashyyyk (Khowir Forest)
* mustafar         ->     Mustafar
* space_tatooine   ->     Tatoo System
* space_naboo      ->     Naboo System
* space_corellia   ->     Corellian System
* space_deep       ->     Deep Space
* space_kessel     ->     Kessel System
* space_yavin4     ->     Yavin System
* space_endor      ->     Endor System
* space_lok        ->     Karthakk System (Lok)
* space_dantooine  ->     Dantooine System
* space_dathomir   ->     Dathomir System
* space_kashyyyk   ->     Kashyyyk Space
* space_nova_orion ->     Ord Mantell (Nova Orion Sector)

  • for creation of a waypoint with custom name add NAME parameter to the command: /wp 'NAME' where NAME can be any text excluding valid X, Z, Y, COLOR or PLANET parameters
  • the proper order of valid parameters in the /waypoint command is: /wp PLANET X Z Y COLOR NAME eg: "/wp Naboo -3250 2586 yellow Interesting Object" or "/wp space_nova_orion 2856 -1511 -254 purple Rendezvous Point" (Remember: No commas between x, z, and y coordinates -- just a space!)

Right now /waypoint only accept /waypoint X Y <name> or /waypoint <name>.
Mar 26, 2015
you can do yellow orange or blue, matter of fact, any hex color /waypoint 0 0 \#ff00ffNamehere

Just no spaces in the name

Afterward you can change the name in your datapad with spaces