Mod that makes it rain like Naboo all the time on every planet?


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Apr 19, 2015
I always loved it when it rained on Naboo, mainly due to it being a real source of calming me down after a quest (like legacy) on Naboo. On live SWG whenever it rained I wished there was some way to make it happen without everyone to experience it that didn't want to. Are there any mods for that? If not, would someone take this task? TBH I think they're more than just me that wouldn't mind having that as an option.
Mar 16, 2014
I believe its possible, if you swap out the weather of clear skies with rain. Weather transitions are handled by the server and then sync'd up with the players in that zone (this is why you can enter a sunny area when first arriving, only for it to shift to rain all of a sudden).

As far as I know there's no mods for actually doing this in the way you describe, but there was one called "Clear Skies" that did the opposite of what you want. If you look at the files it edits, you can theoretically use SIE to reverse what it did to get the intended result you desire.

Hope this helps!