Mod the Galaxy - Community Update

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Aug 30, 2010
Table of Contents: -
I. Introduction
II. New Website
III. Community Recognition


We felt it was time to give the community an update and talk about some features which we'll hopefully have implimented sometime through next week. They'll still be in the beta phase but it should make things better either way. There isn't a lot to come but some of the new features should certainly attract more people.

New Website

A revamp of the site has been in development for a long time now, however it was one of those tasks which gradually got less and less attention. I have recently returned to the topic and as my first action I deleted all previous development work.

The original plan was to simply give the site a front end, powered by Joomla therefore making it both professional looking and easy to maintain. After revisiting this project I decided to scrap using a CMS as it makes some areas of development more tedious. The new site will be entirely HTML based with many ties to javascript purely for my own benefit when coding. So far its looking great, clean, consistant and overall efficient. It should feature quite a few sections as well as space to add more navigation features at a later date.

Some of you may have questions relating to what will happen to the existing site. The answer to that is nothing. The current site will be unharmed, accounts will stay and the forums will be merged into the new site. Although we may add a download section for mod releases, the forums will remain be the core feature of the site.

Community Recognition

Last but not least we'd like to thank all the active community members for your support. The community isn't exactly huge, so you've clearly all made lots of contributions to advance the cause. Keep up the good work, keep releasing mods, and refer as many people as possible!
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