Movie Accurate Sound Effects for Timbab's "NGE Weapon Ranged Effects Mod"

Jan 25, 2013
A long time ago.. no not in a galaxy far far away, but here on this website, Timbab made the wonderfu NGE Weapon Ranged Effects Mod. In this mod, my perfectionist movie/lore accurate self noticed that some of the sounds were not accurate to the movies (blame SOE for that), and so for this mod I decided to make a "patch" of sorts for people interested in that sort of thing.

I would have also made a version of some of these sounds for pre-cu vanilla, but... the sound files and coding for such a thing is all over the place, though I do have a mod for some vanilla sounds that I was I able to do, which can also be found on this forum.

But for now, this is for Timbab's mod (and potentially and NGE emulators should the file names be the same, but I wouldn't know). To install, simply put all the files you get into the "sample" folder of your desired emulator where you have Timbab's mod installed and you'll get new sounds for:

DH17 carbines & pistols (Accurate to the Rebel's in ANH) - This does not change sounds for "CorSec" varients however, as I thought it would be nice to now have a "reason" for CorSec DH17s having a different name to the standard DH17s in game, for what seems to be two identical weapon models.
E-11 carbines (Accurate to the Stormtroopers in ANH)
Sonic weapons (Accurate to AOTC Geonosian sonic blasters)
DL-44 pistols (Accurate to Han Solo's in the OT -
Note whilst I also made sounds for the 'Metal' DL-44, sounds still do not play due to the bug that is a part of Timbab's original mod.)

DOWNLOAD: Ranged Effects Patch- Movie Accurate Blaster sounds.7z?dl=0

Thanks for dropping by! (And for downloading if you do!)
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