MTG based server Released in Malaysia


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Dec 23, 2015
Hi all, this is my first post so I want to greet all of you especially the developers for the great work on MTG. 

I don't know if this is the right place to post. I have set up a server based on MTG server by Lasko. I run it on a Debian 8 dual Xeon CPU and 16Gb RAM based on VM released by Lasko. I noticed the VM was setup on Debian 6 but I want the latest Debian. The server is unmodified and 100% from Lasko Github repo. This server located in Malaysia.

I compiled a new SWGEmu launcher for the server.  You can download the launcher here

Or if you don't trust the exe, please scan it at or just use as the server and default SWGEmu port.

I have included all the MTG consolidate .tre files plus mods below. These mods will be downloaded automatically if you use my Launchpad:

- Enhanced SWGEmu Saber Trails - Valkyra
- Imperial Ranks V1
- Larger Font - Alternative
- SWGEmu NGE GUI Mod 3.4
- Swoop2BARC
- SWGARP(v1.5 Cumulative) - Music mod
- BetterMusicMod_V2.1 (optional)
- Retexture Pack (optional)
- SWGEmu Client Upgrade 60fps
- Surround Sound Mss32.dll from Star Wars Empire at War
- WeaponEquippedMountFix-SWG-byEastwind
- Sytner's Satellite Maps
- SWGEmu Species Revamp Mod
- SWGEmu New PreCU UI Color Schemes

- Added: My Dantooine 2.0 by modsisl
- Changes: Imperial Ranks V1 changed to Imperial Rank Insignia Mod v2.9 by GabyBee

To enable (optional) mods, please refer here
These mods are client side only. Of course these mods can be disabled on the swgemu_live.cfg

This is the github for the modified Launchpad source code. GPL is applied here.
This is the direct links to the .tre files

This is my weekend project. I make this post to invite all of you to test and play around with the server and I want any suggestion and bug report. This will enable us to report to Lasko if we found any bug for MTG server release.

Happy New Year!   :D
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