My Dantooine 2.0


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Feb 3, 2014
In honour of Publish 5 day, Dantooine is whole another planet now...

Everybody can have different interpretation of Dantooine.

For me, one side is full of dark muds and pink flowers was not one of these. I wanted it more to look like authentical planet, while distinctive on flora, I wanted especially pink parts of Dantooine more lively. Still with flowers but more in harmony with enviroment of both Naboo and Tatooine style player structures. I wanted it to look like Khoonda of Dantooine like in KOTOR2 or Republic at War. So without loosing floral side much, my textures will give you nice feeling of seasonal changes and be in good harmony with wheat field parts of Dantooine.
What's changed?
- Complete overhaul of planetary textures, most of them taken pictures by myself from my home town and villages, ofcourse manipulated to fit Dantooine feeling. No more ugly lavender planet but instead more unique touch close to KotOR appearance.
- Overhaul of Lightning among planet. Someplace are lighter during the night by full moon shining
- Flora update to fit the new theme
- Ugly Dorvas have half the size of petals now


Use with flora


Full Gallery


I traveled a lot of places of Dantooine for testing but if I missed a place that might have a checkered tile effect, please let me know location by waypoint.


HD Version (For High Spec Computers): *Mod Note - Dead Link*

HQ Version (Recommended): *Mod Note - Dead Link*

LQ Version (For Low performance computers)
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Aug 27, 2014
for me the links are Still working, if needed i could mirror em
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