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Aug 30, 2010


I'm aware it's been a while since I last posted a progress update but as usual I've been both busy and lazy, however ironic that may sound. I can however assure you another progress log will be along when I feel what I've been working on recently is in a state worth showing. If things don't come along as quick as I expect I will at least show some of it (even if it's very random like that last update) hopefully at some point before the end of this month.

Anyway on to the main purpose of this post! I thought I would bridge the gap between updates by collecting some player input on a topic I've been thinking a lot about recently. But ultimately my own opinion is just one opinion. If I collect the input of numerous players it may highlight some common denominators in what people think about the game and ultimately direct me to put more time into improving those areas.

Essentially I wan't to establish a ranking system which will let me see which planets people would like to see have the most work done to them and which only require minimal improvements.

So here is how it works. I would like those interested in contributing to post a list of all the planets in order of priority, those you think require the most improvements at the top and those you think need the least work at the bottom. You should include a brief personal description of what you like or dislike about the planet, your general reasoning for it's position on the list as well as any other details you feel necessary to mention

I hope I explained this well enough, it was a lot more difficult to word than I expected hehe. If you're not sure but still want to contribute see my own input below.

My answers:
1. Talus

Initially when I started the project I didn't really put much thought into Talus but the more I went along the more I realized how much I've never really liked the look or feel of Talus. It's boring to put it simply. There isn't a lot there so the least they could do was make it pretty, but unfortunately it's only quality of note is it's bright purple sky, everything else is completely forgettable. Because of all this and very bland looking terrain design I feel like it's the least unique planet in the game and generally feels like a poorly done mash-up of Corellia and Naboo with no elements of individuality. I just can't help but feel like it was a wasted opportunity and could be completely re-imagined to stand out like all the other planets.

2. Dathomir

My main issue with Dathomir is it appears to be so inaccurate. The color scheme seems all wrong, the green appears unwelcome. Even from space in JTL the planet is completely red, not a speck of green in sight. Overall I feel like as the primary end-game for most players it should be a little more accurate to how it is normally portrayed. I think of it as a wasted opportunity to make a really unique and sinister planet. Massive overhaul needed. More red, less green.

3. Dantooine

Dantooine is high up on the list mainly because like Dathomir it isn't really accurate. The purple is wrong for a start and I've learnt from the past iterations of the mod that people would much rather see it as it appeared in the KOTOR series. Aside from the general color scheme being off there isn't a lot wrong with it.

4. Yavin 4

Yavin is another one of those planets people don't spend a lot of time on. Lets face it aside from the Geonosian Cave and Enclaves there are better options for end-game. Because of this it was another one I didnt think much about, but when it got down to it I realized how much room there is for improvement. The general atmosphere of the planet is fine, but it has some really odd looking plants which are completely out of place as well as the dark burnt forest areas. I'd like to see it more like it appears in other games and mediums. As planet with thick very thick vegetation and lots of trees like a cross between a forest and jungle. It's already near that, but some minor improvements could bring it a lot closer.

5. Lok

There is nothing especially wrong with Lok hence it being further down the list, but unlike Rori it doesn't have a particularly distinctive look and feel from that of Tatooine. I'd rather see it have a little more uniqueness and separation from Tatooine but that's about the only change that comes to mind. I'm thinking giving it more reddish sands similar to Geonosis would set it apart from Tatooine.

6-9. Tatooine, Corellia, Naboo, Rori

I grouped these all together because I feel the same way about them all. They could benefit from some very specific and minor tweaks here and there, but overall they are all really well done, feel accurate and each have a really unique and interesting feel. Nothing to complain about here.

10. Endor

There are a couple of what I consider bugs on Endor regarding some textures being stretched and warped on certain objects to the point where they no longer have any detail. Aside from fixing these and updating the textures in terms of resolution there is absolutely nothing I would change about Endor.
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