Please help - Terrain Distance Detail

Dec 7, 2018
Hello! Can someone please save me! I am looking to improve the detail of the terrain that is FAR out, so rather than seeing a 'fog' it would be nice to see even further like more mountains - or Mos Eisley from a very long way away.

I heard SWG Override Tool, but I have no idea where that is I looked in the SWG folder/Emu Folder and was not there. I have looked at mods for hours and can't find one that improves the terrain rendering.

I have a Nvidia GTX 1080, so perhaps theres something through control panel I can do? I also thought there was a way by editing 'User.cfg' file or rather 'Options.cfg'


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Oct 21, 2018
Mos Espa
Your best shot is SWG Galaxy Extender. Much newer and (IMO) better than SWG Settings Overrider:


Please note, that even if the detail you can get by using this tool is greater than the default given by the client, it's strongly suggested not to go too hard on the settings. The game client is really, really dated and most of the graphics load isn't even applied to the graphics card, it's actually handled by the processor. So it matters not how high end your card is, at the end of the day is the proc the one to hold most of the stress (on a side note, the client is also poorly optimized for the proper usage of the resources available nowadays).