Project Pixel Perfect (updated 3/11/2018)

Mar 26, 2015
Shadowfox's Pixel Perfect UI
by Shadowfox/EQSanctum
Background for the galaxy map is an actual hubble telescope picture of the andromeda galaxy
Updated: March 11 2018

The original preview thread can be found here:

Kayliaah's Themes credit:

Takhomasak Ticket Purchase Include XML credit from the Taaanab planet mod:

Well the day has finally come.

Based loosely on tukui and Elvui for World Of Warcraft, the idea was to have a single pixel edged bordered and borderless UI.
Based on the work done by Shemploo, I worked originally within the base UI texture file alone. When I started with his and compared it to the shipped original it occured to me exactly how much work Shemploo had done and how much time it took. After hours and hours of work I finally came to what I thought best represented what I was after.

Shown in the picture below is a couple of changes. One, the pixel perfect UI comes with KayLiaah's templates installed. I felt this would be a serious crime to not include them.
Second and most importantly there are two versions. One with Taanab and one without.

If you are a server admin and would like this map modified to suit your server's planet scheme, let me know. I'd be happy to make the custom changes.


  • Why is my map tiling?
    The original SWGEmu map sizes are 1024x1024. If you are using, or have installed something like Sytner's V2 maps. They are different sizes and will tile. If you are using the Sytner maps, on my website are alternative files for Sytner's map changes.
  • Are you going to fix the issue I personally have with something inside of the UI I don't like or make changes for me specifically?
    No. I don't have time to address everyone's needs specifically. However, if you can come up with a suitable idea that would peak everyone's interest please let me know. I have no problem doing a new project.

Bugs? -
  • None, so far. (community window has weird resize issue with window tab spacing. It's not technically a bug, but something my OCD will make me fix at some point in the future)

Listed tester complaints -
  • Combat Queue is transparent - hard to move/resize
  • Chat arrows to cycle chat tabs are transparent - still clickable/hard to move
  • Chat tab backgrounds are transparent unless selected
  • Background of group members is transparent - hard to move/resize
  • World map collapse indicator is bothersome to some people
  • New waypoint arrows are too small
  • Close window button is too small/not an X/doesnt look like a close window
  • Window buttons, like showing your character in inventory seems too small
  • Options button panel/wrench icon has black side borders
  • The login screen is blue on login and doesn;t keep "my" color - I have no control over that


Just extract the zip to your SWGEmu folder.

Note This mod will put folders with some files in the game directory
that will be used by the game. No actual SWG game files will be



To uninstall the mod:
Remove the files

Without Taanab:

With Taanab:

Base UI:

Video Of UI in use:

I don't care if you use or alter this. Just give me credit the work I have put in it.
When giving credit, for standard SWGEmu Maps:
When giving credit, for Sytner's V2 4096 Maps:

Both attachments Updated with correct map size variables for the stock client


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May 23, 2013
A few things that made me uninstall, already on your list....

Group/combat queue transparent.
Waypoint arrows too small.

Other than that I love it. Will keep a watch on this.


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Jan 25, 2018
I just wanna say awesome job on the mod , If however you install it and love but simply cant deal with tiling on the ticket purchase terminal. simply delete from the ui folder and game will function will everything working  :dodgy:
Mar 26, 2015
fullbore said:
I just wanna say awesome job on the mod , If however you install it and love but simply cant deal with tiling on the ticket purchase terminal. simply delete from the ui folder and game will function will everything working  :dodgy:
Mar 26, 2015
What was updated, EQ?
Sorry for the late reply.

On the site I added a version that supports the 4096x4096 v2 maps by sytner. Also there was an issue with the ui where I had mistakenly put in the 4096 changes when I was boasting about how it was set to the original 1024. Which means I was wrong on my initial release of it also both attachments were updated with correct map size variables for the stock client, and when the forums were updated my original file attachments were orphaned, so I had to re-upload them here.
Jan 25, 2013
I'm using the NGE UI, but I like the no log in screen boxes username/password boxes so just decided to install those alone, though they are not transparent on my screen but are black filled, might be to do with the UI mod I have already though that alters the login also.


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Dec 27, 2019
How can I fix the GroupUI and CombatQueue being transparent? This mod would be 100% usable if they weren't transparent.

Waiting to install this UI, but with those two being transparent breaks the UI.