Question about .tre files


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Mar 26, 2016
I just have a question in regards to the .tre files, I am very new to SWG.
I noticed after i got the mtg server and client running it seemed as if the .tre files could just be copied from one server or client and you would have what that server or client had item and data wise and I was wondering if it was true. or do you have to make scripts for all the new items? i am also assuming i would have to recompile the server with the new tres for this to work as well? //sorry if this has been covered somewhere else and thank you in advance for any help.//


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Oct 10, 2017
The main tre files must be the same to get them working properly, but the server side doesn't need texture files.
You can use custom tre files for the client, although only for esthetic, but the items must be the same or you might get wrong values and bugs (like invisible slots in datapad or inventory).