Question regarding .prt files


New Member
Aug 2, 2019
Hello MTG community, im making a few mods to enhance my game play. Some abilities that i want to mod only call for an appearance.prt file while others actually call for a clienteffect.cef file. I use SIE, when it comes to the .cef files i can use the client effect editor to loop the .prt file to play for "x" amount of seconds depending on how long i want it to play for but when it comes to the .prt files any mod that i make only loops once and lasts for 1-2 seconds.
My questions are:
how can i increase the duration of a .prt file and what controls the duration of a .prt file if it isnt being called from a .cef file(if the ability only calls for a .prt file)?
can i make a .cef mod and have it be called in place of where a .prt file would be called?
Thank you for any insight you may be able to give me.