Renaming NPCS

Oct 20, 2015
if I wanted to rename certain NPCs, how do I go about doing this? I have tried manipulating the .lua for the npc but I can not get it to load the object in the world.

For example. I would the following entry to have the name Rebel Jedi.

fbase_rebel_elite_heavy_trooper_extreme = Creature:new {
objectName = "@mob/creature_names:fbase_rebel_elite_heavy_trooper_extreme",
randomNameType = NAME_GENERIC_TAG,
socialGroup = "rebel",
faction = "rebel",

I have already modded this guy to use a lightsaber instead of normal weapons.


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Feb 13, 2012
If you edit an existing npc template file you will alter it for EVERY existing npc that uses that template.

You need to create a new template file by copying and pasting and add it to the serverobjects file but rename it and edit the template to reflect the new character stats.......


Mobblah.lua becomes newmobblah.lua

And you change the name inside the file but keep the same template call, in this case:

templates = {

You can create as many new mobs as you like using existing templates, you just need to change the names basically.

Here is a good sticky that you may want to read

Here is my example..........

rebel_jedi = Creature:new {
customName = "Rebel Jedi",
randomNameType = NAME_GENERIC_TAG,
socialGroup = "rebel",
faction = "rebel",

and at the bottom you need to change the template to....

CreatureTemplates:addCreatureTemplate(rebel_jedi, "rebel_jedi")

You can now add rebel_jedi to your screenplay or spawn manager etc.

You then just need to add rebel_jedi.lua to the serverobjects file and reload your server.