Replace NPC Houses with Player Houses in CNET

May 31, 2012
2016 Update: Fixed the broken link. I stopped hosting my own site and moved some content to MEGA.

This is mod I made using Timbab's Jawa Toolbox and the good o'l SWGEmu server Virtual Machine. You can use this on your own server to add player housing to Coronet, in place of all the useless buildings that are not skyscrapers (as skyscrapers are totally Star Warsy and Iconic).

The files used for this mod are in my MEGA storage here,!nUMwRSAI

Most, if not all, of what I reference in this post will be in the Old Mods folder. If not, sorry about the "bit rot".


Alrighty, this is a mod that allows a server admin to place a crap load of player housing inside of Coronet. In my testing, I myself placed 57 and was no where near filling up all the spaces, as that was only the west side of town near the cloner. There is so much more space! Keep in mind too that I was placing these using the standard foot print size and placement method - when I finish working on a new structure placement command, the buildings won't need to be as far apart and you'll be able to place them facing any direction (so they can line up properly with other city structures!).

The first thing that is required is my modified world snapshot file for Corellia, which you can find in the files in the above link. The next thing you need is the ability to, at the very least, temporarily remove the zoning restrictions for the city. Happily, I have a TRE file you can use for that purpose!

Now that you have the tools, here are the steps to put them into action.

1. Copy both of the TRE files into the TRE directory on your server and activate them in ../MMOCoreORB/bin/conf/config.lua by adding them to the top of the list of TRE files.

2. Copy the loh_coronet_simplified_release-01.tre to your client directory and add a new line in swgemu_live.cfg, ensuring that maxSearchPriority= is 1 number higher than your highest TRE file, like so,
3. Next we need to make a minor source code change so that the server ignores previous location of the old buildings and lets put down our new player buildings. It's a very simple code change - just comment out the two following "if blocks" where the server checks if something is in the way! The file you are looking for is,


And the code, starting around line 280
if (rect.containsPoint(x0, y0)
	|| rect.containsPoint(x0, y1)
	|| rect.containsPoint(x1, y0)
	|| rect.containsPoint(x1, y1) ) {

	//info("existing footprint contains placing point", true);

	creature->sendSystemMessage("@player_structure:no_room"); //there is no room to place the structure here..
        return 1;

if (placingFootprint.containsPoint(xx0, yy0)
	|| placingFootprint.containsPoint(xx0, yy1)
	|| placingFootprint.containsPoint(xx1, yy0)
	|| placingFootprint.containsPoint(xx1, yy1)
	|| (xx0 == x0 && yy0 == y0 && xx1 == x1 && yy1 == y1)) {
	//info("placing footprint contains existing point", true);

	creature->sendSystemMessage("@player_structure:no_room"); //there is no room to place the structure here.

	return 1;
4. Open up a terminal window and head to ../workspace/MMOCoreORB/bin/ Do a quick "build" at the command line and when it is finished, launch your server with a ./core3

5. Now all ya need to do is create some structures,

/object createitem object/tangible/deed/player_house_deed/generic_house_small_deed.iff
/object createitem object/tangible/deed/player_house_deed/generic_house_medium_deed.iff
/object createitem object/tangible/deed/player_house_deed/generic_house_large_deed.iff

or whatever else you'd like and start placing the buildings where you think is best. Personally, I would do this as an admin by setting my lot count to the max of 151 available lots (any more free lots and it starts going negative in weird ways...) using the /adjustlotcount CHARACTERNAME ## command. As a note there, once I used up my lots, I was able to add another 150 free ones. So 57 buildings in Cnet, plus my other buildings, with some being 5 lots... that's a hell of a lot of lots lol... Anyhow, I'd do it this way and pay them up for a year or whatever, so that an admin or mayor can grant access to people rather have folks potentially waste a lot space by placing their structures poorly. But, that's a personal opinion! :)

6. When you're all finished placing your structures, issue a save command to your server (on the command line where it is running) and shut'r down. Comment out the no_build_zones_off.tre in your ../MMOCoreORB/bin/conf/config.lua file to turn city zoning (and locations!) back on and reboot that server!

And... there ya go, a little bit of an old dream come true, eh?