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Apr 19, 2017
As those on discord might be aware, I have been working on running SWGEmu on Android for about 6 months now (probably a year since I started looking into it but whatever), on and off cause I have no motivation.
Started looking at emulation on android. Here is what I've looked into over time.

Wine has an android derivative, but only works for programs made with an ARM version sadly.

After finding that, I thought I hit a dead end, but after coming back to it recently, I found this...

Limbo emu is a qemu based apk that lets you emulate entire OS's on a mobile phone. Few things though. It only lets you run on 1 CPU core, so you better have a flagship model for anywhere near a smooth experience.

Anyway I started with running windows 98, which takes a bit to boot, but runs perfectly smooth, runs all the default programs, but is fairly useless.
After that, installed windows xp, which took 2 days mind you, and, after all that, found there was no drivers to run, fun times. Still a great gimmick to show off, but it's slow af.

Now, that brings me to my current situation. I'm now attempting to get a very lightweight linux based operating system to run the game, then I can transfer that knowledge to doing so on my phone. Cause it's better to be wrong in 1 hour than 10 hours due to the lack of OS speed on a phone.

Now, my aim was to RUN SWGEmu on my phone. But it is very possible to PLAY the game on my phone.

Steam has a wonderful feature called Steam Remote Play, which lets you control your entire computer, but is focused on video game play. After adding SWGEmu.exe to Steam, with a keyboard and mouse Bluetoothed to my phone, I can play on it anywhere, as long as my desktop has internet connection and steam launched.

I'm going to keep this thread updated, but I would LOVE help from people who actually know what they are doing, I'm stumbling my way though this with no idea what I'm doing, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Comment here or message me in discord.
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Jan 30, 2020
Another option is Parsec btw, similar to Steam streaming but works better (in my opinion) I use Linux as my main OS, but still have a headless windows box under the desk that I use Parsec to play those games that won't work under WINE. Though i find nowadays I pretty much just use the windows box for all games, and stream them to my linux desktop than even bothering with wine now...incidentally, Parsec have an Android client, as well as a Linux, Windows and macos client, not sure on IOS.
It can be used to self host a gaming rig/share games with friends (or as I use it to stream whole desktop) or even if rending a cloud gaming PC.

I'm actually running SWGEmu on my Windows box but displayed/controlled on my Linux desktop as I type this lol. I'll be using the android client a bit next month when on holiday in spain lol