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Mar 26, 2015
Time Until The Next Shadowfox SWGEmu Mod Compilation Release V1.0? (Fall 2020)

Currently the site is down: Updates will include; new bare metal rack, new server, new dedicated OC connection, new internals, extended RAM, DNS changes to new server, 2FA, OID, blog, article system, advanced store setup for direct donations to mod authors keeping my hands completely out of it, new support system, bug reporting, a complete knowledge base when new script is installed, new download system, searchable database, driven links update, resource backup for other mod communities, IE: retrievable backup for places like modthegalaxy, all current members are indeed backedup, all current links are down until the migration is done. This is not an advertisement. I simply never posted the compilation to modthegalaxy. All current links are broken. I will update when the migration is done.

What is the compilation? A collection of some of the best available UI mods out there. Eventually, with full permission (which is hard to get) we plan on making it the only UI mod that includes everything, including our pixel perfect UI change.
Who is we? Shadowfox, and Larce. Larce has an in depth guide concerning the actual install of our compilation, and various mods and tweaks located at

Below are examples of the changes, additions to the mod and pixel prefect changes. Please pay close attention to the credit given to every author, because that is what is delaying the release of it right now.
We are hard pressed to get information correct. Hopefully these changes will make you enjoy the game more, see it with fresh eyes, but most importantly, become actively involved in the SWGEmu modding scene as it is right now.

Intro video with links and annotations for
Larce's Guide located at
Hosted by
Administrated by Shadowfox

Pixel Perfect UI Changes
Includes planetary map changes
Includes special options
Includes contained support

Pixel Perfect UI Release Candidate
Includes planetary map changes
Includes special options
Includes contained support

Side By Side Comparison

If you have any questions or would like more information, you may check these threads:

Larce or myself play mostly on the Reckoning server. We will only provide, mod support on OUR site, at EQSanctum and will do so only for the mods being hosted there.
Just remember, don't come to our site looking for deep involvement, into modding, that's not what we do. We will always refer you to, and will always support
Without Modthegalaxy, Modsource, Caveman, Timbab, Sytner, Uli and the other authors, like Eastwind, and previous sites like mandalorians (before modsource) we wouldn't be doing this. Show them the respect they deserve and support their willingness to give you something awesome for free.

Edit: For those curious, making of the pixel perfect changes seemed easy at first and has been the most daunting project I have undertaken. To date I have over 60 hours involved in just the pixel perfect changes, and it is far from done.
Edit: If you would like to contribute to the compilation with one of your mods, correct us on the credits, have us remove a mod we have not credited properly, help us diagnose compatibility issues with the existing compilation, or simply browse what we host, go to
Edit: If you want to learn how to do what we do, go to
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