Texture guide missing?


New Member
Jan 29, 2018
Hi there,

Old SWG modder from back in the day. During Live, I remember retexturing the Rebel trooper helmet and made it equippable through a replacement, but since it's been years, I've forgotten a lot about the mechanics of texturing in SWG. It seems the texture guide leads to a dead link; does anyone have it saved by chance? I just need a refresher on how to export and import textures from/into SWG.

My vision for my first project is to re-texture the regular Stormtrooper armour into a 'worn' variant, not as extensive as the 'battle damaged' one available during NGE, but a bit more lived in. If anyone can provide a brief refresher on pulling the correct texture files and re-introducing them to the game, I'd be really grateful. Cheers.