Unable to learn a schematic I created


New Member
Oct 27, 2015
I am having some issues with figuring out this schematic. The loot group for this schematic works, but I am unable to learn the schematic however. And I did add the schematic to the schematic manager. This is the error that comes up in the console when I try:

(4120 s) [] ERROR - Unable to create schematic: object/draft_schematic/armor/armor_appearance_assault_trooper_bicep_l.iff

I scrolled up through the server log and found these:

(65 s) [ObjectManager] ERROR - trying to create object with unknown objectcrc 0x23a7d5a4
(65 s) [SchematicMap] ERROR - TemplateManager::getTemplateFile exception unknown template key 0x23a7d5a4
(65 s) [SchematicMap] ERROR - Could not create schematic with template: object/draft_schematic/armor/component/armor_segment_assault_shock_trooper.iff

I double checked the string table and that seems to be correct (0xD89C8AAF) so I'm unsure where 0x23a7d5a4 is coming from, or where even to even check that. I checked the lua and I didn't notice anything off but obviously something somewhere is wrong.

Hopefully someone can help, thanks ahead of time.