want to re-open the MGN issue

Sep 13, 2013
So first off some background. I have the blender importer / exporter for MGN's. and it works with some restrictions, it doesn't generate the blends (morph targets, or whatever they're called now days). so I've managed to import a skirt into blender, shorten the model by adjusting the points (vertexes) and assigning them to both vertext groups, and assigning the blend targets as well. I have the file saved as a blender file so I can get back to it easily enough. Of course the export doesn't generate the blends, this is known, and something i'd like to fix.

so my first question is; does anyone know how to get the source code for the blender plugins? they appear to be compiled python files as included. so I can't do much from that. If I had the source, I might be able to cobble together a script that would include the blends, but I'd need a bunch of help from the file guys.

so for my 2nd question; Timbab, Synter, or anyone else, can you guys help me figure out how the blends fit into the msh file IF I can get the blends created? I know some of the chunks will need to be modified to allow for the larger file size, from what i've read and divined probably in the NORM chunk. *shrug*

I'm really stuck in two different worlds, one would be the programming side if I could get the source, and the other would be figuring out how to decipher the blends themselves in the mgn files so I could rewrite them properly. I don't think getting the source is an option in the short term, so in leu of that, can someone help me to understand how the blend chunks are constructed? which bits are headers, which specify the vertexes, and what the other bits are and in what format?

I understand that nobody knows exactly, but clues are as welcome as anything at this point. if I could manually hex edit the mgn, changing the position of a few vertexes manually in the blend, then see the effect in game that would be a huge step forward. but I'm not sure how / what data in the file to tinker with.