waypoint indicator screen


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Sep 20, 2010
I'm not sure where this thread should go, so i'll give it a shot here.
is there a variable set i.e.(fontcolor="FF0000") for the waypoint indicator font color?
I tried using the ui pallet; force sith(red fonts) but the font is baby blue.
Let me reiterate what i mean. If the font color is set dynamically, Where can I find the variable that defines the font color?
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Mar 16, 2014
The font is dependent upon the color of the waypoint itself. Typically, your user generated waypoint is blue. Missions orange, PoIs yellow, and I think quests generate as white? Ultimately its dynamically assigned on the GUI to match the waypoint color. Changing waypoint colors is a whole new methodology that I don't know enough about to state here.