Why does my starting racial skill mods not work?


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Oct 7, 2021
I'm trying to change the starting racial skill mods so that I can have a little defense at the start. I've changed the skills.iff and I can see the skills listed on the character creation screen. However, once I create the character and get into the game it reverts back to the default racial skill mods. I've searched through the character creation lua files and cpp files, but apparently I'm missing something somewhere and I cannot figure it out. Does anyone know what else you must change in order to start with different skill mods?

I'll list some screenshots.

https://ibb.co/ctMZ2Dp <--- Here you can see that I changed the skill mods to Melee Defense / Ranged Defense and they display in the character creation screen.

https://ibb.co/y5zRgDN <--- Here you can see right after I created the character that the skill mod section reverts back to the default starting skills.


I had to add my .tre file into the config.lua as well. Seems only parts work if you only add them to the swgemu_live.cfg.
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