Working With Pixel Shaders


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Feb 12, 2022
Hey all, I am trying to do some work with pixel shaders and am running into a bit of a wall and wondered if anyone can offer help. Here is my current workflow:

  1. I am extracting the shaders I want to work with from SIE.
  2. I strip out the binary stuff and just leave the actual HLSL code.
  3. I compile the code using resources from this rather old post from Timbab.
  4. I then copy the compiled code into the original file as per the post above.
  5. I place this file in a pixel program folder in my swg directory, as well as the include files.
After login, when the shader tries to load, the game crashes and I feel a small wave of sadness.
If I use the original psh file I extracted, everything works as normal. However, if I open the psh in a text editor, change nothing but still hit save, the game crashes as it did with my modified shader.

I may be missing something, as I think the post from Timbab is missing some images that I guess explained a couple of points.

Anyone got any clues that might help?

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