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It was originally created as a simple Iff Editor by myself for private use years ago, as I was unhappy with what other tools such as Tre Explorer had to offer. As popularity of ModTheGalaxy grew back in 2014, Timbab and I designed and developed SIE into what it is today, an editor suite with a repository that aims to be a one stop shop for all SWG file editing needs.

  • Repository with a 3D Preview panel for various files
  • Content search tools
  • Various .TRE and .TOC functionality accessible through the Repository
  • An advanced Iff Editor with struct templates that generate on the fly gui for nearly every client file
  • CEF Editor
  • CRC Table Editor
  • Datatable Editor
  • PAL Editor
  • SND Editor
  • STF Editor
  • WS Editor
  • A simple plugin system for custom editors
A note on requirements
For anyone that has had trouble getting the tool to run, I discovered some additional dependencies while installing from scratch on a VM. These may no longer be required as library dependencies have been updated and removed so ymmv:
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Even if someone has problems with the installation, they can try using the redists I use, for Jawa Tools and SIE.
(Waiting for SWB...)
I am rating this based on my experience with this from the time it was developed. I have seen many improvements in that time and now that I am back, to see this tool still here and updated, I can only imagine it is the best tool ever for SWG. It already was within weeks of it being out for us to alpha/beta test. This tool is what got me REALLY into modding SWG.
Best tool out available!
I couldn't do the things I do without this tool. It allows graphic artists and game modders to make their visions come true in the SWG world.
Pretty amazing the stuff that can be done with this.
SIE is king. How has nobody rated it yet? You can do anything to the client side with this tool and patience.
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