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The check is in the mail.
It crashes to desktop, I used my mother's credit card, help.
The easiest tool I've ever used for game design. 10/10 would suck up to Sytner so I get if for 1/2 price again.
if this is 5, can i get a free copy of 1, 2, 3 or 4?
It's good but not exactly what I was expecting. Unfortunately I should probably wait for trailers and such before spending this much money.
The animations import a little fuzzy, but I sobered up and realized I spent 4g's on this and now they wont refund my money quoting Star Citizen as precedence...
Terrible redirect. I was going to buy it.
Would actually buy at a 99.5% discount.
Waiting for the price to come down.
Instructions unclear, razed small African nation.