Sytner's Satellite Maps

Sytner's Satellite Maps 2.0

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The original maps managed to attract quite a following, so by popular request here's the first update! Plenty more planned for subsequent releases if the demand continues.

New since 1.0:

- Resolution increased from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096
- Flora and cities rendered
- Constant LOD


Download available as a tree or as a .zip to be extracted to your game directory. A .tre version without mipmaps is also available (but not recommended unless you have an old GPU that exhibits tiling issues).
First release
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Latest reviews

Awesome I cant play SWGEmu with out it now
Working as intended, and AMAZING, as of 11/7/2022
This makes navigating the planets night and day. I cannot recommend high enough.
Seems like theres no link to the .tres format only a zip??
Absolutely great maps, but no longer compatible with Legends server.
Included on our server and the mod compilation at eqsanctum. Always awesome work by Sytner
I love it! I wish it was visible in the mini-map too. If you're on an swgemu server then both mod folders go into the SWGEmu folder.
is there anyway to get these working in the survey tool? It's not necessary but would be nice. Otherwise these work fantastic. :-)
I have the original which looks great but this looks amazing! Is it compatible though with NGE? I I put any of the 3 "UI files" into the client folders the game crashes when I open a map...
I love this. It makes the map look so beautiful! Also, the first time I came in the map was not centered or rather in place. I hard-logged, did a quick Update Status & Check for Updates (which I'm not sure whether they had an impact or not) and upon logging again the map was so crisp, detailed, and colorful that even the waypoints stand out now!
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