The Jawa Toolbox 1.0

The Jawa Toolbox 1.0 1.0

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This is an official plugin for Utinni.

The source code can be found here.

  • Gizmo for easy snapshot node manipulation
  • Ability to instantly load into a scene at startup
  • The ability to create, edit and remove snapshot nodes
  • Object Browser populated from the loaded files of the game, with the ability to drop objects into the scene as snapshot nodes
  • Improved controls for easier manueverability previously unavailable in offline mode
  • Scene controls, such as time of day modification
  • Reload ability for multiple things, such as scene, snapshot and ui, to avoid the need to restart the client
  • Graphical options such as wireframe and rendering of animation skeletons
Planned key features
  • Favorite and recent lists for various controls and forms
  • Targetable sound and particle objects
  • Visual representation of sound objects
  • Orthographic camera view
  • Extent box and collision rendering
  • Expanded environment controls, such as lighting, fog, visibility, sky, etc
  • Object Browser preview thumbnail
Known list of current bugs/issues
  • Particle and sound objects aren't targetable
  • Placing a building object with a Terrain Layer (.LAY) attached, causes the terrain shader to glitch out. Reloading the scene solves it.
  • Crash on adding Snapshot objects on terrain where no snapshot is loaded (terrain/simple.trn, etc)
  • Potential bug where freecam controls stop working (Unable to replicate)
  • Cursor is visually stuck in a smaller top left rectangle area when the window is maximized on game load

To install this plugin, you need to have Utinni downloaded. Once downloaded, drag the folder contained in the attached .ZIP file into Utinni's "Plugins" directory. If the "Plugins" directory doesn't exist yet, simply create it.

In case the plugin won't load, try to unblock the .dll files via the Properties window in Windows. A guide can be found here.

If you want to donate and buy me a coffee, or, since we're in corona times, toilet paper from the black market, I won't say no! You can do so by clicking here.
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