1. H

    Unstable Lightsaber Blades 0.1

    Unstable lightsaber blades by Halyn and Auri of Empire in Flames for the EiF server's use. (Shaders by Halyn, textures by Auri.) Unzip and drop it in your SWG directory. By default, all lightsabers will have the unstable blade. Delete the appropriate .lsb file to restore any type of lightsaber...
  2. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Client Object (IFF) Factory 1.0

    Creating many new objects for new meshes can be tedious. This tool will take in a list of appearances and a template object to automatically create a new object for each appearance specified on a new line, using the template as a base for all attributes sans the appearance or portalObject entry...
  3. Borrie BoBaka

    [Utinni Plugin] Borrie's Language Lexicon 1.0

    Inspired by similar mods for Neverwinter Nights & World of Warcraft, the Language Lexicon Plugin will take in any message and convert it to the language filter of your choosing. With the customizable prefix field, you can start talking Bothese, Huttese, or even Mando'a into spatial, group or...
  4. algebuckina

    Swg.Explorer 0.3

    Features View multiple TRE archives in a single combined view View and preview media and data files; including EA Interchange File Format (IFF), and String Table Format (STF) Extract data files Export meshes (static and dynamic) to Collada (dae) model files Export string files to CSV text files...
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