Borrie's Client Object (IFF) Factory

Borrie's Client Object (IFF) Factory 1.0

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Creating many new objects for new meshes can be tedious. This tool will take in a list of appearances and a template object to automatically create a new object for each appearance specified on a new line, using the template as a base for all attributes sans the appearance or portalObject entry.

Select a template object from the game to use as a base for all new objects to be created. Then, supply a list of appearance (APT) files, or portal object (POB) files each on their own line in the primary text box of the program. Then, check 'POB Mode' if you are wanting to create objects that are POBs, otherwise leave the mode unchecked. Finally, click "Generate Object Files" and select a destination folder for your objects to be created. An object will be created for each provided appearance in the chosen folder.

Download and install the latest version of Sytner's Iff Editor (SIE) and install it to your computer.

Extract the contents of this ZIP file to your SIE installation folder and open the Executable (EXE) File to begin operation.

Powered by SIE
SIE created by Sytner & Timbab
Tool written by Borrie BoBaka

You are free to redistribute this tool privately to friends, fellow developers, and so on, but please do not post this tool on another website. Thank you.
Borrie BoBaka
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