1. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Asset Customization Manager Patcher 1.0

    In order for certain appearances in the game to be customizable, it needs to have an entry in the Asset Customization Manager file. Without the correct references, the asset will never be customizable, and remain a static color no matter what. This patcher takes in variables provided by a...
  2. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Lightsaber Pike 1.0

    This implements a Lightsaber pike that uses the Lightsaber polearm animations and role. It is simply a new flavor for the polearm Lightsaber type, made famous by things like the Shadow Guard from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Senya from Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen...
  3. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Alpha Windmill 1.0

    During development of SWG, early promotional art showcased various structures and props within the game. Some of these props and models made it to the final release, but others were left behind. One such model that never made it was a very distinct windmill model that was clearly ditched in...
  4. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Wall Pack Vol. 1 1.0

    Since the dawn of SWG, Decorators have clamored to find ways to change the layout of their player buildings to create unique and interesting interiors. First it was Structure Modules, then the more popular Statues came in to play. It worked wonders, however, most interiors would have a stucco...
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