Borrie's Wall Pack Vol. 1

Borrie's Wall Pack Vol. 1 1.0

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Since the dawn of SWG, Decorators have clamored to find ways to change the layout of their player buildings to create unique and interesting interiors. First it was Structure Modules, then the more popular Statues came in to play. It worked wonders, however, most interiors would have a stucco, desert-like interior, and these statue bases took up a considerable amount of space, much to the Decorator's chagrin.

This mod adds 68 3x3 Wall objects that utilize various textures from the game that make up housing walls, outside walls, dungeon walls and even a few fence trellises that open up a whole new aspect of player house decorating, and rethinking floor plans. This gives Decorators something they never had in any Era of SWG: True control over the floorplan in their home.

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