Borrie's Alpha Windmill

Borrie's Alpha Windmill 1.0

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During development of SWG, early promotional art showcased various structures and props within the game. Some of these props and models made it to the final release, but others were left behind. One such model that never made it was a very distinct windmill model that was clearly ditched in favor of the current Wind Generator model seen today.

Despite this omission, many within the community still love the Windmill and attempted to integrate it back into the game. With no model to pull from, I created a brand new model that is animated, and fully capable of being used as either a replacement for the original Wind Generator, or added to custom servers as an entirely new style of Wind Generator that will co-exist peacefully with the original Wind Generator.

Special thanks to Halyn, Sytner and the many others in the Mod the Galaxy Discord for helping me put this together, as well as inspiring its creation in the first place!


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Works great and looks awesome
At long last we have Windmills, no need for Alpha files anymore. <3
Finally, windmills!
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