1. HelmedRaven

    Dark Jedi Robe Anakin Retexture 1.0

    Around 2004 - 2006, a talented modder named UnarmedHit3 created these retextures for the Dark Jedi Robe that made the robes resemble Anakin's robe from Revenge of the Sith. Included were custom spec maps and normal maps, giving a unique, leathery appearance to the robes that did not exist...
  2. Aeryna

    Fixed Mindtrick and a True TotalHealOther for Jedi Profession + AnimalCalm and AnimalAttack Fix 2020-08-11

    Changed this because it was in the wrong category. * These commands have been remade for personal use. If you like their effects just take them. Just add them to your bin and src directories and rebuild your server. - Jedi Mindtrick Command [Master Powers] was unable to be used. Now, this...