Fixed Mindtrick and a True TotalHealOther for Jedi Profession + AnimalCalm and AnimalAttack Fix 2020-08-11

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Changed this because it was in the wrong category.

* These commands have been remade for personal use. If you like their effects just take them.
Just add them to your bin and src directories and rebuild your server.

- Jedi Mindtrick Command [Master Powers] was unable to be used. Now, this command will trick a single target (npc or beast) to force it to stop attacking you. This command will affect players aswell, removing their queue attack commands and force them to get Peace. Maybe later, i'll add a debuff to give some extra advantage over pvp.

- TotalHealOther was wrong in my opinion. Now it will heal EVERYTHING [HAM, Battle Fatigue, DOTs and Wounds] to his target.

* I added the new fixes from Gerrit for Jedi aswell for everyone who doesn't have (AnimalCalm and AnimalAttack).
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