Dark Jedi Robe Anakin Retexture

Dark Jedi Robe Anakin Retexture 1.0

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Around 2004 - 2006, a talented modder named UnarmedHit3 created these retextures for the Dark Jedi Robe that made the robes resemble Anakin's robe from Revenge of the Sith. Included were custom spec maps and normal maps, giving a unique, leathery appearance to the robes that did not exist beforehand. This mod has been widely unavailable since those days, and this is a reupload.

Drag and drop the texture folder into your SWGEmu base folder. This is the folder that contains your SWGEmu.exe.


Disclaimer: Because of the age of this mod and the lack of details of its origin, UnarmedHit3, or 'UH3' may not be the author. If the proper author comes fourth and has proof that they created this mod, and not UH3, then the information will be updated.
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