1. algebuckina

    Power Hammer Mesh Replacer 0.1

    Hand made asset replacer for Power Hammer
  2. algebuckina

    Swoop and Flash Speeder to Pokemon Bike. 1.0

    With Pokemon being such a huge phenomenon around the world, and being my 1st ever video game, I've always wanted to see it in SWG in some form or another. So I added the bikes and theme tune from Heart Gold and Soul Silver. As usual, this was also a learning exercise for me to get used to how...
  3. algebuckina

    Bob Ross Paintings beta 0.1

    This has been a while in the making (or about a second in MTG timeline) But here is the 1st release of a mod I will be developing as I grow more accustom to how the SWG client works. In short, the mod changes every landscape painting in the vanilla tre files to either a Bob Ross painting, a...
  4. Borrie BoBaka

    WeaponsHD Pack by Rooxon for SWG 1.0

    From the modding community of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy comes the fantastic work of Rooxon's WeaponsHD project, giving us new models for the E-11 Rifle / Carbine, as well as the Vibroaxe, Scout Blaster, and Force Pike. This mod is packaged with several versions of the E-11. By default in the...
  5. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's Alpha Windmill 1.0

    During development of SWG, early promotional art showcased various structures and props within the game. Some of these props and models made it to the final release, but others were left behind. One such model that never made it was a very distinct windmill model that was clearly ditched in...
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