WeaponsHD Pack by Rooxon for SWG

WeaponsHD Pack by Rooxon for SWG 1.0

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From the modding community of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy comes the fantastic work of Rooxon's WeaponsHD project, giving us new models for the E-11 Rifle / Carbine, as well as the Vibroaxe, Scout Blaster, and Force Pike.

This mod is packaged with several versions of the E-11.

By default in the base mod, the E-11 will be installed with no scope attached, to accommodate the dynamic components in Star Wars Galaxies, which frequently install a custom scope onto the model. An optional file is provided that will include the scope onto the vanilla model, as well as another optional file that removes the stock as well, so that the model can work with modded servers that re-implement the stock component of the E-11.

All models and textures were created by Rooxon. Ported to SWG by Borrie BoBaka. Special thanks for the permission to port this incredible work to Star Wars Galaxies.
Please see the README file in the ZIP for information on crediting this mod in redistributions.

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Thank you for doing this!
I tried using files from jkhub once before as well but was never successful, I'm glad you made it happen!
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