1. HelmedRaven

    ServerObjects.Lua Maker 1.0

    This little tool generates a "serverobjects.lua" file for every lua file it encounters in the directory it is placed in, with an optional parameter to add for subdirectories. To use, place the EXE into the folder you want to generate a "serverobjects.lua" file, and click the button to...
  2. Tyclo

    SWG Mobile Template Viewer

    SWG Mobile Template Viewer is an application containing screenshots of all mobile template appearances (Uniforms) in the MTG repo files. The purpose of this tool is to make finding uniforms and appearances used for existing mobiles a much more pleasant experience. Making of the tool and...
  3. HelmedRaven

    Object Path Converter Tool

    Download Here Converts a string copied from a TRE Editor (like SIE) into a usable command as an admin on a server for SWGEmu. TRE Editors will display the client side path, which contains the prefix "shared_" whereas the server references files without the prefix. This simply removes it from...