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Nov 23, 2016
SWG Mobile Template Viewer is an application containing screenshots of all mobile template appearances (Uniforms) in the MTG repo files. The purpose of this tool is to make finding uniforms and appearances used for existing mobiles a much more pleasant experience.


Making of the tool and more information: https://swgsremu.com/swg-mobile-template-viewer-tool/

When making new NPCs, the only way to view mobile templates was to spawn the mobile onto the server. This tool allows for an offline viewing experience and without any need to start up a server to see what a mobile template looks like while developing new NPCs.

Tool is built using Electron. Scripts used to collect the data were written in Python.

There are two view options, Grid and List, default is grid. Clicking on a template will show the image full screen, if you wish to obtain a copy of the template’s name, select the text in the header. (Future version will include directories, copy button, etc.) Also planned are all creatures and just NGE/CU creatures or others which accidentally slipped in.

Sorting works as follows:
  • Ep3/Som/Npe are folders in the mobiles directory
  • Dressed is all templates which start with the “dressed” prefix.
  • Templates which meet these requirements are sorted by the first letter of the template excluding the prefix/folder.
  • While there are 4250 unique templates, because of the sorting option there are “duplicates.”
    • ex: dressed_yavin_negam appears under both “dressed” and “y”
Naked NPCs contain invalid appearances, this is something broken on the end of the MTG tre files. Same with templates that have the image “Invalid Object” or “Default Appearance.”

There are a few templates with images inside of the mobile or of the terrain. These will be fixed in a future version. Also the public repo on the desktop version links to the web version, this is a bug.

Special Thanks
MTG team for their public repo.

For more information on versions, please read my post on development.

Download - (Select the .exe download of the latest release)
App Public Repo

Web Version
Web Version Repo


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Apr 19, 2017
10 out of 10. I can't even comprehend the time and effort that has gone into this. Many many thanks.


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Nov 23, 2016
I appreciate the thanks everyone. Picking out a uniform/template for new NPCs is probably the worst thing about populating new locations. (Next to making new loot and balancing)

I'll eventually release the python scripts I wrote to automate your own screenshots, but I wrote them as a one-off thing, so they're a freaking messing.

Question, should I have posted this in the Resources >> Tools section as a resource?