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Borrie's Skeleton (SKT) Editor 1.0

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The Skeleton files (SKT) in SWG are compiled in such a way that editing them in SIE can be difficult. While a proper plugin for a model editor would be more appropriate, sometimes it is simply easier and more accessible to use a simple tool like this to adjust a value of a rotation, position, or inheritance. Or to add a bone that will simply take on the qualities of its parent.

This tool allows you to view each individual bone in a skeleton, change its rotation and position, name, parentage, and add and remove bones from the skeleton. This will read both SKTM and SLOD chunks, but will only ever save to new SKTM chunks instead of preserving the SLOD form file. You can select which Level of Detail Skeleton entry to use in the SLOD file.

Open a SKT file and click on a bone on the bone list. Data is updated after validation of the entry in the form. To add a bone, type in the name of the bone you wish to add into the New Bone Name field and click Add Bone. Remove Bone will remove the bone you have selected in the Bone List Box. To change a parent, enter a valid bone name into the parent field. To remove a child, click on one of the children in the Children List Box and click the Remove Child Button. Bone Names can be changed by changing their entry in the Bone Name Text Field.

Extract the contents of this ZIP file to a folder and open the Executable (EXE) File to begin operation.

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Tool written by Borrie BoBaka

You are free to redistribute this tool privately to friends, fellow developers, and so on, but please do not post this tool on another website. Thank you.
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