1. HelmedRaven

    Borrie's NPC Maker Tools 1.0

    This tool and command combo allows you to take the visual appearance of a player character in SWGEmu, and convert it into a CDF file that can be used to customize and dress NPCs in the game. Your clothing, its colorization, your character's colors, facial settings, and physical attributes will...
  2. HelmedRaven

    ServerObjects.Lua Maker 1.0

    This little tool generates a "serverobjects.lua" file for every lua file it encounters in the directory it is placed in, with an optional parameter to add for subdirectories. To use, place the EXE into the folder you want to generate a "serverobjects.lua" file, and click the button to...
  3. Timbab

    [RETIRED] The Jawa Toolbox [Preview Release - Alpha 0.1a]

    This standalone version of The Jawa Toolbox has been replaced by the TJT Plugin for Utinni. The day has finally come where I feel comfortable releasing the first preview build of The Jawa Toolbox. It's still heavy WIP, so be warned. A lot of QoL features aren't in yet, hotkeys aren't...