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This tool and command combo allows you to take the visual appearance of a player character in SWGEmu, and convert it into a CDF file that can be used to customize and dress NPCs in the game. Your clothing, its colorization, your character's colors, facial settings, and physical attributes will all be mirrored into the NPC you create, giving you a fine control of how your NPCs will look.

To use, you'll need to install the NPCMaker command into your server to create ".NPC" files which can then be converted into ".CDF" files with the NPC Maker CDF Converter application tool.

To use the tool, target yourself or another creature and type /npcmaker save <filename> to create an NPC file.

To use the application, put the path to the directory or file you wish to convert. Then, specify an output directory, or click "Use Input as Output" to use the Input directory as an output directory. Afterward, you can use "Convert File to CDF" or "Convert Entire Directory to CDF" in order to execute the method you prefer.

For more information, and installation instructions, check the INSTALLATION_INSTRUCTIONS text file inside the zip folder.

At this current time, there is no support for detecting species specific versions of wearable items, i.e. the Mon Calamari variant of a helmet or hat. You'll need to open the NPC file with a text editor of your choice and add the species prefix as needed. The command will, however, differentiate between male and female variants.

10/11/2020 Update:
A bug has been found with the current version of 1.0. In the NPCMakerCommand.h script, there is a missing include for the CustomizationIdManager. If you are having compile problems with this script, add to the top:

#include "templates/customization/CustomizationIdManager.h"
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