Applying new texture to new weapon mesh


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Nov 14, 2019
G'day all. I need a little help on this please. I've modeled completely new weapons and Takh has walked me through using SIE to get the meshes into the game but I have no idea how to create the textures for the detail on them and then add them to the mesh in-game. I can put a single, tiled texture onto the model (but it does strike me as strange that a 2048x2048 texture gets repeated hundreds of times on a tiny model) but I have no idea of how to apply a newly created, detailed texture to the correct faces of a new model/mesh.

I assume, based on textures for things like other weapons, ships, etc, the mesh has to be unfolded, the texture drawn onto each panel/surface and then reapplied to the mesh??? e.g.-

I suppose as an example of what I'm trying to do is the same as algebuckina's rebuild of the power hammer here.

While my artistic skills are non-existent at least if I can put something onto a texture and put that onto the mesh, I can make it look pretty later.

I'm using Fusion 360 to create the models (as a single body), convert them to .FBX, pull that into 3DS Max and resize/reposition to match another weapon of that type. Use the .MSH export script to export it as a mesh. Create a new crappy blob texture (just to put something on the mesh) and a negative in GIMP. Use SIE to edit the appearance, iff, shader, etc files to point towards the new mesh and texture.

My question is, what are the steps and programs used to create the brand-new texture and then apply it to the new model/mesh? I really sort of need a step-by-step, thanks.


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Dec 1, 2016
you need Gimp2 + dds plugin or Photoshop + dds plugin
create the new texture, save it as *.dds

open a similiar shader in SIE and point to the new texture name in /texture folder and "save as" a new shadername
open the *.msh in SIE and point there to the new shader in /shader folder