Species Attributes Change Help

Jan 19, 2016
Hey folks, it's been a little bit since I lasted posted on here. However I've been busy learning how to texture better, implement .tre files, and script in .lua. I would like to give a special thanks to Timbab as well for helping me and clearing some things up in a few private messages! :)

I've been trying to tweak the Species Attributes (the HAM pools) through changing the datatables/creation/attribute_limits

I've been able to compile my changes to this .iff file and patch it to a server as a .tre file. However the changes I make don't take any effect.

I was curious if there was another set of files that would have to be modified in order to adjust and implement new species attributes?

The only other thing I've found is the following information from a src .h file.

If anyone has modified species attributes I would greatly appreciate any advice or direction on how to continue with this.

Thank you,

Jan 19, 2016
Thanks for responding Halyn. Yes I did try creating new characters with the newly implemented .tre file, my .tre had the following directory layout.


The .tre also had a blank customization folder due to it being apart of the attribute_limits file chain. I'm curious if having a blank folder in the .tre or if there is a hidden file or something associated with the customization folder that needs to be modified could have anything to do with it.

I also read that some datatable changes needs modifications in the database?

Another thing I read but not sure if it applies is that some game mechanics are "hard-coded" in a .cpp file or similar files beyond the src directory which is where I went searching and found the races.h file.

I'll try removing the customization folder and patching that through, better start with the easiest thing first!