SWG Extension Loader & Settings Overrider (Add New Slash Commands!)


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Apr 9, 2018
This has been working well for me on a Windows7 machine. However, I haven't been able to get it working on a Linux machine yet so I'm trying to make a few similar changes via the .cfg files.

Here's what I have so far, plus notes of what I think each option is adjusting. I found the various setting names from searching these forums, the swgemu forums, and from looking through a modified .cfg file that someone once posted on Discord for some reason or another.

cameraFarPlane=10000 # 'fog' distance where distant terrain stops being displayed
staticNonCollideableFloraDistance=400 # tall trees, 'Distant Radial Flora' from in-game Terrain Options window
dynamicNearFloraDistance=400 # medium-size shrubs and plants that don't move, 'Non-collidable flora' from in-game Terrain Options window
# TODO, want to find the .cfg setting for the option labeled 'Nearby Radial Flora' in the Terrain Options window in-game

threshold=7 # this seems similar to 'globaldetail' and/or 'hdterrain' options in SWGExtensionLoader.exe
forceHighThreshold=100   # not sure about this, seems like a distance related to the 'threshold=__'  setting above

freeChaseCameraMaximumZoom=6 # allows zooming out further than default

Any help would be appreciated, I've especially had trouble finding the .cfg option that's labeled as 'Nearby Radial Flora' in-game.


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Jan 15, 2020
So I have it working on my Windows 10 machine. But I can only seem to get it to work for one instance/toon. The server I'm on allows up to 3 simultaneous toons to be run. After I get the 3 toons up and running, then run the .exe, only one of the toons actually loads the mod. Anyone know how to get all toons to incorporate the mod?