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Abi's Lamp Pack 1.0

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Borrie said it best: "Lighting in SWG has always been a dull affair. If you're not fond of using streetlamps that switch off for half the day, you're stuck with only three colors; the orange hue of a torch, the rich yellow of a candle, or the light incandescent shade of lamps."

Garbage. Like many of the random things I've worked on, SOE dropped the ball on some low hanging fruit. This seeks to address some of those low fruit.

This pack changes the default color of all non-candle non-streelamp lighting to pure white from the incandescent yellow, and also adds a blue, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow version of each. I also created small and concealable light in all these colors.

This is a SERVER-SIDE mod, meaning you cannot use this mod if you are not operating your own server.

You will need to integrate the "CLIENT FILES" into your TRE repository. Simply create a new TRE with the files inside. You will also need to use SIE to extract your most recent version of your ObjectCRCTable located under misc, and add the new files located in object/tangible/furniture/all and include it in your new TRE.

You will also need to integrate the entries from x_serverobjects.lua and x_objects.lua into the existing files. Just copy and paste the new entries.

NOTE! The new versions of the existing lights will be added as an option on craft - you will need to add the Puck Light to a schematic_group in datatables/crafting/schematic_group.iff if you want to give it to Architect by default. I recommend craftFurnitureGroupB or craftFurnitureGroupC.


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The color selection for the lamps is really sublime; I very much look forward to integrating these lamps and using them.
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