1. HelmedRaven

    [Utinni Plugin] TJT Server Object Editor 1.0

    The powerful Utinni made by Timbab at, paired with The Jawa Toolset (TJT) by the same developer allows for the inclusion of gizmos to manipulate objects in Star Wars Galaxies, among many other things. This plugin allows you to target objects that are owned by the server, such as...
  2. S

    Guide for adding CU/NGE content to Pre-CU prebuilt server?

    Happy new year btw. I'd like to add post Pre-CU content to Erusman's prebuilt Pre-CU server. I managed to add the named crystals so far. Since the links to the guides are dead is there another way to learn how to add more custom content without messing up the server?
  3. HelmedRaven

    Borrie's Wall Pack Vol. 1 1.0

    Since the dawn of SWG, Decorators have clamored to find ways to change the layout of their player buildings to create unique and interesting interiors. First it was Structure Modules, then the more popular Statues came in to play. It worked wonders, however, most interiors would have a stucco...
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