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Borrie's Better Door Sounds 1.0

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Have you ever run through your house and just been relatively annoyed by how blunt, rickety and terrible the doors sound? Have you ever been so annoyed you purposely went out and just finally replaced the sound files for it with something more fitting and Star Wars-like? No? Well, I have for you.

I noticed that the Doors for Generic (and by extent, Corellian) houses actually have two, somewhat obnoxious sound effects played at the time of their open and close. I went and replaced the sounds to be a bit more varied and to use a gentler sound effect that is more commonly associated with doors in Star Wars.

Additionally, I removed the weird flappy creaking sound that would be heard whenever you opened a door in a City Hall. I always felt like I just slapped a Ruler on the door frame whenever those doors opened. It was the result of a weird creaky sound effect that was being played.

Finally, I also provide replacement sound effects for the Elevator's rise and descent sound effects, which sounded more like a hydraulic than an actual lift.

Also: Fun little tidbit: Did you know you don't have to restart your client in order to hear changes to your game's sound effects if all you edit is the files in the sample folder? I didn't until today.

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