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Borrie's Info Disk Remover 1.0

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At some point, around the time of Jump to Lightspeed, SWG added special icons over interactable NPCs in an attempt to make them easier to find by newer players, as many complained the game had a high difficulty curve. I've always personally believed these info disks help remove immersion from the game, and have been the game's equivalent of the World of Warcraft '!' quest marker. This mod removes them from the game.

I would recommend against servers from integrating this mod into their own TRE without considering that some newer players might indeed need them to find these important NPCs. However, considering NPC interaction tends to be highly optional and unimportant to the overall SWG experience, they likely can be widely disregarded.

This removes the info disk by essentially making it invisible. This also removes the special JTL Info Disk that appears over Chassis Dealers and other JTL specific characters.
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